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Vive Gun HTC Vive Tracker 1.0
Vive Gun HTC Vive Tracker 1.0 Vive Gun HTC Vive Tracker 1.0

Vive Gun HTC Vive Tracker 1.0

Price : 799.99
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PP Gun with + Vive Tracker 1.0 2017 version

Product Description

Vive GunVR+ tracker 1.0= 100% perfect GamePlay.

Due to latest version vive tracker 2.0 released in 2018, it's not compatible with Vive gun perfectly, that missing function below
- Unusable with trackpad function on vive gunVR.
- Shorter battery life on tracker 2.0 and can't charge by vive gunVR directly in game playing.
Old 2017 vive tracker 1.0 won't go with these problem, but stop production and out of stock in global market.

Selling point:
First gun-shaped HTC Vive Virtual Reality device Controller with recoil, providing the most immersive VR shooting experience.
VIVE Tracker integration built for VR shooters For HTC Vive Virtual Reality System. 
It has 10 functions keys and one joystick with 5 buttons, they can related to 15 functions in the game.
The battery pack looks like clip of the rifle, the capacity is 7800mAh Li-Ion.

Mode: PG-BQ4 
Main Use: Input Device - Game controller- FPS Game Controller 
Support System: Windows 
Support Device: PC+ HTC Vive 
Connect By: VIVE Lighting house 
Replacement: Can be used as one standard Vive Controller 
Other Features : Have all functions of standard VIVE controller 
Using time: >8h (testing environment: Continue work with continue shock, 25° C/77°F) 
Length of the gun: 680 mm / 27 in 
Weight of the gun: 1.3 Kg /4 lb 
Size: 26.8 x 3.9x 12.6 inches 

Package Contents:
1 x Gun, 1 x Clip ( Battery ), 1 x Pad Holder, 1 x Strap, 1 x Charging Cable, 1 x Tracker 1.0

Support Game list:

game list.jpg

GamePlay| Pavlov VR with Vive gun

GamePlay| VR John Wick with Vive gun

GamePlay| Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope 

Tutorial| OpenVR Input Emulator Settings for PP Gun

GamePlay| Overkill VR with PP gun

GamePlay| Contra VR with VR GUN

Live Video: Play VR shooting games with PP GUN Vive controller

PP GUN Vive Controller have a special recoil feedback

PP GUN Vive controller is the only vive controller with recoil feedback in the world, this feedback can improve the gaming experience a lot. You can check the vibration effect in the video form 1:11.

Live video took in the booth of HTC Vive at CES 2017.

For FPS games, the core of the game is shooting. If you are a fan of FPS games, believe me, you will definitely need a VR gun, rather than spend money to buy a treadmill or some other similar products, so PP GUN is your best choice.

Vive tracker Role changer tutorial

Vive tracker set up PP GunVR tutorial

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