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I'm looking for such a gun controller for 3 years, finally I got it and very satisfied, Screen centre aim reset is big helpful that Delta Six doesn't  have. Mag P90 is what I want for Xbox One FPS Game.
--Quillum Stark| Australia

It took 5 days from China to U.S.A by air with well packing, 1.2kg gun is not light but not heavy, just like a real fire arm.  In FPS game it quick respond and track on the screen, with poweful shoulder recoil, Titanfall 2 and Call of Duty is my favorite.
--Anna Johnson| U.S.A


Screen Centre Aim Reset.jpg

Screen Centre Airm Reset Button

Real fire arm.jpg

Like real fire arm

Call of Duty 570x230.jpg

halo4 570x230.jpg