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2010  Jan.   Mag I launched.

2012  Mar.   Mag II launched.

2014  May.  Mag P90 invented by Mr. Erik Wong, compatible with all 5 platform, performace was under test.

2015  Jan.   Mag P90 Lauched, the 3rd generation gun controller win the market 3000pcs sales per year.

2016  Sep.   Mag P90vr Launched.

2016  End.   Mag P90 5000pcs sales.

2017  Jan.   Due to company regroup, Beswin is a new stockholder of G-Matecontroller, Beswin Hong Kong Co., Limited was MAG P90 producer and exclusive agency aboard offering sales and after service to global gamers.

2017- 2018  Mag P90vr Bluetooth and 2.4G Dual-mode is in development and coming soon.

MAG P90 is a registered trademark of Beswin.

Mag P90®, the First and Best FPS/TPS gun controller in the World.