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1-  How to fix firmware to Xbox ONE X and Xbox One S?

Please download Firmware 2018 P90 firmware 2018 Xbox One S X.zip to fix usb receiver and work for Xbox One X and S. 

Video tutorial: https://youtu.be/f701McYXduM

Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Xbox 360, PS4, PS4pro, PSVR, PS3, PC win MacOS are all support by, but Xbox One can't work because memory card inside receiver is not enough.

Normally When you receive order MagP90 gun pack, firmware is ready for 2016 versionP90 firmware 2016.zip, that only support Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS4pro, PS4 slim, PSVR, PS3, PC win MacOS are all support.

Firmware 2016 and 2018 version can upgrade and downgrade each other.

2- How to connect with PS4, PS4 PRO, PS4 slim?

buy a Horipad FPS Plus to connect with usb receiver,


Asin: B0106XFCPI, item name: Horipad FPS Plus.

PS4 connection video tutorial: https://youtu.be/qAaq7cpC0-Q

Tips: due to USB port space of PS4, PS4 PRO, PS4 slim is narrow, usb receiver is not in right position to connect with console, please use a extension usb cable between console and usb receiver. Much easy to plug and unplug.

3- What platform MagP90 compatible with?

MagP90 suitable for customer/ gamer/ enduser at home. PC, Playstation 3,4, Xbox 360 One.

PC/PS3/Xbox360 connect with USB receiver directly, PS4 need original HORI wired controller(no battery), Xbox One need original controller(no battery)+android cable.

5- Why is USB receiver Logo light flashing?

Receiver is 5 in 1 function that need time to recognize platform. PC takes 37 seconds Max. PS/XBOX takes 5 seconds. The logo will be on light all the time after connection is completed. 

If over 60 seconds and still flashing, please re-plug receiver. 

If it can't solve the problem, please contact service team sales@magp90.com.

6- Why is connect light on USB receiver flashing, gun right-side blue light is off?

It means connection is not completed between MagP90 and USB receiver, please check below:

A. Check if MagP90 turn on, turn orange trigger to 1 or A level, be sure gun is power on.

B. Check if battery in battery case or installation is correct?

Reference video: https://youtu.be/AGcxrTTDQ34

7- Why is Right side blue light of MagP90  flashing? 

Please check below if normal working:

A. USB receiver, Logo light is steady means normal working. If receiver logo light is off or flashing please re-plug receiver or follow above instruction(6-a).

B. If on Xbox360, please check LCD is continuously show “waiting for console, checking”, check usb receiver connect correctly with Xbox360 wired controller( wireless controller+ chargeable cable NOT acceptable).  Xbox logo on controller is light on means wire controller guid correctly, Xbox logo is flashing means wired controller is fake or trouble, please replace new one.

C. Above A&B is normal, please re-coding to Magp90. Firstly unplug receiver, press code button(square button near blue light) for 2 second, plug receiver when LCD appears new instruction.

8- Why does LCD always show " waiting for console, checking"?

It would be below possibility

A. Receiver works not normal. Please plug receiver into power-on console or PC. Attention that PS4, PS4 PRO, PS4 slim's USB port is narrow, please use a extention cable.

B. Xbox360 didn't connect with wired controller or connect with fake controller.

C. Above A&B is normal, please re-code P90 gun and usb receiver. Firstly unplug receiver, press code button(square button near blue light) for 2 second, plug receiver when new instruction appears in gun LCD

9- During game play, why one direction is fast, but another direction is stop?

Please calibrate MagP90 in LCD as below steps:

A. Up-left button to enter manual, 

B. Static calibration:  CALIB GY/G.—Start,  

C. magnetometer calibration: CALIB. Mag—Start. 

D. Up-left button to exit manual. Everything is OK

10- Why aim direction is opposite? I move right, but screen aim is left-moving.

Magnetometer is main problem, Please calibrate MagP90, follow question 6-C.

11- How to adjust sensitivity of gun? There are 2 solutions:

A. Adjust sensitivity from game manual.

B. Adjust sensitivity from MagP90 LCD: AIM SENS. And TURN SENS.

12- How to update firmware of MagP90?

Newest version 20160330.

Please contact sales@magp90.com for firmware, connect MagP90 to PC win 7 or 10 via usb cable(pack include), follow instruction on screen.

13- Does Mag P90 standard sets include battery? what difference between Mag P90 battery and 4pcs AA battery?

Sorry standard sets doesn't include battery, it's cost-saving that gamer install 4pcs rechargeable Li-Ion battery.

MagP90 5200 mA battery is extra charge that can support more powerful shoulder recoil and longer time endurance than 4pcs battary.

14- Where does gun controller ship from and how long to receive?

All gun controller ship from China by air shipping 5-7 days DHL, UPS, Fedex or other suitable lines.

15- Is that safe to receive gun or problem in custom?

Don't worry, cargo was shipped by our special line agent and your payment include air freight already. 

But as 1:1 ratio to FN P90 gun shaped, The posibility of detained by customs would be happened with 1% rate.  My party will afford return cost and send you new one again.

freight collect is not acceptable.

16- Need I pay duty to custom or extra cost when I receive the gun?

No customer told me that was charged any extra fee when they received the cargo.

17- We are interested to be your distributor, what can I do? 

Welcome, please introduce us your company, field experience and country market, email to sales@magp90.com

18- For more video demo please click on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC-49YuVnxZ5N_0dPIDlvng

19- I just received a new MAG P90 Black Recoil Edition+ Official battery, how to charge?

Official Battery has power already before leaving factory. you can play till power off. Charge method is below

A. Install battery on Mag P90, connect usb cable( pack included) between Mag P90 mini USB port and PC USB port or Mobile adapter( Caution: must support output current over 2A, less 2 A will damage your adapter probably )

B. Battery mark on LCD display is flashing means charging on proceed.

C. Battery mark no fashing means Charging finished.

20- My USB receiver connect to MagP90 gun signal is not stable and flashing, what's better solution?

It’s better to use extention USB cable between console and MagP90 receiver, that helps to prolong life of magp90 receiver. Beause plug and unplug frequently will damge receiver easily.

Especially working with PS4 PRO slim, USB port of PS4 space is very small and limited, magp90 receiver can't plug in right position, that makes connection signal not stable and flashing.

A good quality extention USB cable is great help to all console.